Friday, May 1, 2009

Thinking Sweet . . .

. . . Day By Day in Song

Does the word SWEET, this month's contest topic , bring back nostalgic memories of songs that sounded SWEET?

I am trying to recall my once-memorized words to an old song, the first words of which were "SWEET Adeline" but at three in the morning I am drawing a blank.

But at least I've got my first SWEET blog done for this month!

SWEET dreams everybody!

- 30 -


  1. YAY Old Newsie! I was hoping you were going to do the May challenge. I'm going to do my best to keep up with you this time. I am only working part time so I don't anticipate any major problems.

    Very SWEET!!

    Love to you and Lady B,

  2. How'd you get the "Every day in
    April" award into your profile? The directions just made no sense to me.
    BTW, congratulations! May we all be sweet in May.

  3. Very nicely done. I still think I am blessed to have such a great writer in the family.


  4. Now inj my late 30s - when I think of sweet, I think of all the damage I did to my teeth when I was younger - for which I'm paying for now. Went to the dentist a few days ago - and got crowns on two teeth that have huge gaping holes in them from all the sugar I ate..reminds me of a song by The Presidents .."the devils she must be a dentist, with big jaw breaker eyes, gum drop hair ..and cotton candy thighs..

    Rosemary Words

  5. With as often as I read and respond to email and the entire electronic world I am embarrassed to say I have no idea what the 30 day challenge is all about but the word sweet does remind me of a time long ago (six Daysback) when I was at the jelly Belly factory and discovered that they now have five colors in the sport bean catagory.
    Eric the neglegent grandson