Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Governor And . . .

. . . Our President

A few months ago President Barrack Obama seemed about to appoint New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson to his cabinet as secretary of state or some other important cabinet assignment.

The governor eventually withdrew his name from any consideraion when an investigation began into some financial dealings in which the governor may, accusers say, be involved.

Mr. Richardson did not want to get into a federal post with any investigations pending so that the new president's administraion would not start off under any clouds.

But in Roswell (you've heard of that place - UFO landing spot in 1947) last week, President Obama, there on a state visit and already aware of problems brewing in North Korea with testing of missles, sought out the governor for some advice.

Governor Richardson as a former foreign ambassador has had much expererience in dealing with officials in North Korea and thus it would seem, he is the one who might best brief the White House in the current situtation.

The situation seems quite serious in that North Korea says it is now ready to use its missles on South Korea AND on United States Navy vessels.

The threat does not seem IDLE, like an issue of training. it breeds the thought of some mighty big trouble if not WAR.

Seeking out Governor Richardson advice seems to send a message - maybe just to me - that the President secretly wishes he could have engineered Mr. Richardson into his caabinet..

The TV news tonight did not have any story on what the governor may have advised the President but it is to be assumed Mr. Obama has whatever he heard under consideration.

Watch your newspapers and the television news. You may see more about the advice from New Mexico in the near future.

That's all for tonight everybody since I have visitors in the house and do not wish to ignore them because they are SWEET visitors, especially the young 'un, SWEET Mason from Arizona.

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