Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Morning

It's an odd time to be up and around - just after midnight - but Pinky just woke me from a deep sleep.

She seemed like she was talking to someone and it sounded like "Where are you?" Pinky was wandering the house, room to room it sounded like and with a purpose in mind.

After two and a half days of missing Lady B, who's on a vacation trip to visit SWEET grandchildren and SWEET great-grandchildren as far away as Fort Worth, Texas, and Johnson City in Tennessee, it seems Pinky is on a mission to find her.

Her search is over now for the time being and she's settled down again to sleep but leaving me wide-awake, trying to garner thoughts for a Sunday blog, albeit an real early blog.

The most immediate thought is to report that after the events of Friday night and Saturday, Yarntangler called yesterday afternoon just before five and informed my answerig machine that the foursome who had been trying to come to Hobbs for a Memorial Day weekend visit was reluctantly back in Tucson safely.

The four had transmission trouble with Geezerguy's Jeep just an hour into their trip and when a hoped for quick repair in Benson, Arizona, dragged along too far, they decided it was futile to continue to Hobbs only to have to leave back to Tucson after just a few hours of visiting.

Sage Words and Chica, both of the United States Air Force, had just so much time and had to be back on post for Tuesday morning, hence the decision to abort the trip - certainly wouldn't want the AF roll call to turn up AWOLs.

With time on my hands, no Lady B here and my intended visitors there, I turned to helping CT at his place up north. He was babysitting SWEET Angel, a nephew, while doing some woodworking in his barn.

For a while, getting Angel (a SWEET young litle fellow) to fill trash bags with some material I raked up around the barn kept him out of CT's hair for a bit .

When the storm clouds rolled in with a bit of rain, SWEET Angel and CT were chased into the house to watch cartoon movies on the boob tube. The rain and approaching darkness sent me packing back home (I don't drive in the dark anymore).

I've checked my e-mail now, (nobody wrote) and read the latest news (nothing exciting) and am getting tired again I'll get back to sleep now so's I will be up again in a few hours in time for morning church.

- 30 -

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  1. I'm sorry we didn't make it Grandfather
    - Rosemary Words