Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Us Down . . .

. . . That Rain, Yarntangler

I jusst woke from my nap when the phone rang, missed the call and ( since I was up now) sat at the computer to check blogs.

First up is Yarntangler with a whale of an idea for tonight's blog , SWEET, SWEET rain. Unlike Yarntangler in Tucson who has been rainless for a month , we here some 600 miles east, haven't had any really countable rain since last Summer.

So it's pouring in Tucson. Wonderful. Now as I listen to the TV weatherman, I hear that he's going to have it raining here maybe by midnight, since it's already deluging in Deming and Las Cruces and the thunder is booming in the Sacramento Mountains.

I don't really like saying this but I hope our traveling friends Jeanie, Charlie, both of Tucson, and his brother Ron of Branson, Missouri, are tooling along right now in their two cars and hauling that SWEET rain with them. They're due in a few hours from now.

Another SWEET thought is that tomorrow night, Sage Words and his SWEET Chica should be arriving here for a Memorial Day weekend visit.

And speaking of Memorial Day, I hope you are all thinking of those
white stones in the hundreds and thousands of cemeteries in our country and remembering that under those white stones are men who gave their lives so you could travel around visitng this coming weekend.

- 30 -


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  1. Absolutely Old Newsie, they are in our hearts and prayers. We're so glad chica and Sage are coming to visit you. Give them love from the east coast for us.