Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do You Like to Play . . .

. . . Computer Solitaire?

Across the room from me is another computer. Very often during the evening when I am laboring with composing a blog, reading somebody else's blog, reading the news or a few emails, I hear a shouted "WHOA!"

It's Lady B hollering and I dutifully holler back "congratulations. Now what's this all about you are probably asking? What's got into Old Newsie this time?

Solitaire, that's what, a game that we both enjoy but which oftentimes is no enjoyment for me. Lady B is not a blogger, just a Solitaire winner.

When I am not doing e-mail, reading news or blogging, I will sit at this computer for, she says, hours, working at Solitaire.

I shuffle cards around continually until she wins. It seems I am destined to help her win. I never seem to win. Well, that's not really so, I do now and then pound the desk, my signal that I have won a game. That pounding matches nearly nightly her ten or 15 wins and sometimes many more.

I am now about to WIN tonight a batch of games, even if it's in my imagination. So let the games begin - and, oh, oh, there's another WHOA, her fifth in the last half hour and I'm just about to start. Wish me luck.

- 30 -


  1. Solitaire... oh yeah that time honored game where you talk to yourself, occasionally in language unfit for sensitive ears.... or am I just thinking of old age?

  2. Have you or she ever played "Forty Thieves?" A solitaire game that's totally addicting.