Monday, May 4, 2009

On My Desk Tonight . . .

. . . I Found A SWEET Spot

And in that spot, slabs of chocolate. Now where did the slabs come from?

No mystery, however, for I knew Lady B was probably thinking of a topic for my SWEET blog for tonight while I was up north working with a contractor on repair of my rental house.

Nothing was said of the surprise when I got home. All I was told was that College Cook had left me a nice lunch when she visited this afternoon. I just found the chocolate surprise when I sat a the computer.

It's nice to receive a surprise. This lunch was another of four today because at least for me, this was the day my Social Security check and my meager pension fund was credited to my bank account -

AND - my contractor really got to work fixing my rental house on the day he said he would start.

Business is getting poor for a lot of service folks but promptness is getting much better, The last job he was hired for took nearly two weeks to be started after a scheduled start day. Hooray!

Everything turned out SWEET today including my contractor's remark to Lady B this morning when he arrived "aren't you pretty, all dressed up so nice for me."

- 30 -

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  1. Oh that chocolate must have been a sweet surprise, almost as sweet as the wonderful news story that came in the mail this week.