Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 Days - Phew!

This has been a very challenging month but I've enjoyed most of it. It was good to have my memory jogged to remember sweet old times with my Mother and Dad, Sister, Brother, my kids and grandkids, old friends and most of all my sweet ladies, Loretta and Lady B.

This past few days have been the most challenging and have involved everything from blogs to helicopters, worried kids to smiling nurses, lots of phone calls (the things you have to do to get your grand kids to call!) and my sweet wife, Lady B. here by my side.

Now it looks like I'm going to finally become an actual part of the technological era I've been avoiding for years - tomorrow I'll get a pacemaker. Then in a few days I'll have a whole bunch of new stories for all of you.

But today I earned my NaBloPoMo badge and Life is Still Sweet!

Old Newsie


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  1. You did it!!!!! I love you badge, too.
    Now with a pacemaker, none of the rest of us will probably be able to keep up with you.