Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, That's Over . . .

> > > Wonder What's Next?

Hey everybody, this is June 4 and I've missed getting a start on the June challenge but I need the rest anyway. Maybe I'll try again in July.

This could be my blog for today but hefore I close it off, let's just briefly review the week since I began to feel not right.

CVT and CC got me to the local hosppital. Local doc there put me on helicopter to The Heart Hospial in Lubbock Texas. Heart rate,normal is 60 was down at 30.

Lots o tests at THH Saturday and Sunday. A Pacemaker inserted Monday. It failed Tuesday morning. Was redone that afternoon. Was discharged Wedesday.

Now home hurting like Yarntanglers most recent toothache but Aleve seems to be cutting pain, Nor-Lea Hospital nurse dropped in thiis am to redo dressing, left more dressings for Laby B to take over.

Mayb I'll get back on here ina day on two.

So now that's today blog and since my eyes aren't working too good today, you do the corrections if any are necessary.

- 30 -


  1. Welcome back, Newsie. Get some rest.

  2. I am SOOOO glad to have you back! We'll give you a break and overlook all but one mistake. I haven't had a toothache since I donated most of mine to the tooth fairy a few years back. Of course, Geezerguy had one a few weeks back and what his is mine and what's mine is his so maybe that's what you meant.

    Take it easy and catch up on your reading this month.

  3. We are so glad your home and hopefully feeling better. We will miss your blogs but we want you to feel good so get all the rest you can.. Love from LD and our family here on the East coast..LD and I are not doing the June challenge either.. Maybe in a few months we will do it again.. We are keeping up on our reading though..

    Love you