Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Trip Planning . . .

. . . With Common Sense Tips

As I get older I try to get smarter in several ways and today I want toexpound on at least a couple of my plans and my tips, which I hope some of you young'uns on the brink of getting old will consider, maybe even put into practice.

I will touch on, probably not in order, saving gasoline, avoiding accidents, bargain shopping, making one trip do for three or four, shopping hints and trip mapping.

I'm not going to suggest I know it all in traveling but this is just what at 86 (in a few days) I have learned are smart things to do to keep me on the road to 87.

Let's start from the beginning - a list.

On a given day you run out of milk for your morning coffee.but that's all you need from the store. Look in the cupboard for packets of powdered creamer you probably took from the last restaurant you visited when the waitress handed you more than you neeeded.

Nex morning you had no sugar for your coffee. Mabe there's some Splenda or other stuff like that in the closet. Find and use it. It won't hurt even if you don't like the color.

Time to start the list. Write: Milk, sugar, maybe even coffee if you check the can of grounds. Keep up this program for a week, then go shopping.

By this time you might have to go to the bank, fill the car with gasoline, order medicine fromthe drug story, buy stamps at the post office or even mail a package.

Don't leavee the house yet. Go to the phone and order the medicine. Get your checkbook and write out the check for the drug store, minus the amount unless you know the cost in advance. Write another check to the postmaster for the stamps you intend to buy.. Making out these checks ahead of time will save you a few minutes at the counters writing checks.

Dig out your credit card ready for your gasoline purchase. Then think a bit to determine if you have any bils to pay right now and mail If so, sit down and write more checks, get the checks ready to mail, pout the envelopes in your pocketbook and take to the post office when you go to buy stamps.

Looking to the future you could, if you can afford to, buy twice the amount of stamps so you won't have to make another trip to that place and just mail your letters from your home post box

Look in the cupboard for some

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