Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Over a Hundred Degrees . . .

p. . . Makes For a Hot Day
More than 400 square miles of Arizona has burned black so far and about 90 miles west of Old Newsie's abode, an uncontrolled wildfire is burning land around and over the famous Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico.
Locally we have had our share of almost daily wildfires, some widespread, some not too big but smoke from them and from Carlsbad and Arizona is invading our territory, causing much grief to folks who suffer breathing difficulties, asthma and emphysema.
Much of the suffering hereabouts, however, is just plain heat. For weeks
in this drought-striken county - (it's nearly July and our last good rain was LAST July) our average temperture has been 105 degrees. Not good, say I.
This morning we called a local landscaper and had him come to the place to cut our lawn. On arrival he casually asked "what lawn?" as he noted a hodge-podge of grass mostly brown and burned-looking.
We have a nice looking lawn usually but our forced residence in Arizona for nearly five months hurt the place because there was no one here to give our lawn a daily watering. About three weeks of recent watering hasn't done much good to revive the lawn but we're trying. More fertilizer, Lady B. More water, Lady B.
We can't say much about our Arizona wreck until a few lawsiuts get settled but it's probably OK to let you all know that despite near-fatal injuries from head to foot, Lady B is now progressing quite well and hopefully will be her old self soon (no pun intended tho her birthday is Wednesday, just two days after mine today and one after our anniversary.)
Getting into another subject, I am having trouble receiving emails lately.
I think I have the problem figured out - nobody is using email any more. They're scattering their messages all over that site called Facebook. That's why I not getting many emails.
Now that's a challenge for this old timer who has only recently mastered the way to send out emails.
Technology is moving too fast these days. There's something called Ipod for instance. I always thought a pod was a floating plant in a pool that a one-eyed frog sat on. Yes, things are going too fast.
Actually the six year old kid who used to show me things I still haven't learned on my computer is now likely having trouble finding a six year old kid to interpret to him the new stuff coming up, now that he is older.
But I HAVE learned how to play Solitaire again here!
- 30 -