Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking To A General . . .

. . .Without Saluting

When Gary Dill, president of the University of the Southwest here in Hobbs introduced me to U. S. Army General (retired) John Reppert this evening, I responded "glad to meet you, General" to which he replied "no, I'm John." General Eisenhower never said to me "i"m Ike!"

General Reppert, slated to be tomorrow's main speaker at the university's annual commencement where 143 students who have completed their four years will be graduated, was at a special reception arranged to honor area veterans now retired and those still active in our country's service.

The general briefly talked about his personal history which includes a newspapering and publishing stint, and a long association with education as a teacher in the army and in civiliam life.

General Reppert related a long association in the era after the demise of the Soviet Union, in which he was privy many times to conferences where relations between the United States, Russia and other countries were discussed.

The assembled veterans were impressed and frequently laughed as the general outlined some of his conference visits where he, fluent in the Russian language, was able to overhear many Russian comments which were not being translated accurately into English and perchance - although he did not say so as fact - could have been embarrassing if said in English.

General Reppert made it a point in both his opening remarks and his closing to express his appreciation, both personal and on the part of all military services, to the gathering of veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam to the present for their past and present service.

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  1. It's funny, Sage words and I were talking about talking to a general just last evening. He remembers not only meeting General Omar Bradley, but even sitting in his lap in his wheel chair, and singing to him.

    How many AF Tech sergeants can say that?