Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Is The Word

. . . For An Advance Birthday Present

YES ! It's three weeks away yet but CT and College Cook have pulled off a big surprse for me. BIG I said, didja hear?

My little old 1979 Datsun has been languishing away for a few months in CT's back yard, awaiting a needed engine repair for which certain parts for that ancient car were hard to come by.

College Cook and CT knew I was getting antsy for some wheels so I wouldn't be dirtying up the family Dodge van all the time with my yard tools, etc., when I needed to travel up north to do some property maintainance work.

So what did they do that I consider so SWEET? They bought me a Ford van of my own for my birthday!

Now don't get the idea they are rich enough to just up and spend a bunch of money on a new vehicle for me. They just found a bargain at the right time .

Seems like the outfit that feeds all the University of the Southwest students and faculty and for which College Cook is a manager, had a van that wasn't being used anymore.

It was for sale for at least a year but wasn't drawing any buyers. It was displayed on the university's parking lot and the campus police probably were tired of seeing it there parked as if on a sales lot with its for sale sign.
With no buyers in sight and a "suggestion" to move it out, it was offered to College Cook for $100. "Hey, a bargain", she exclaims and then "I'll take it."

What a SWEET birthday gift! And I can use it, too. Now, everybody pray that the DMV will renew my driver's license again next month. If only I don't have to read down to line six again - they're sticklers on how well drivers see.

For driving, I'm OK, it's just close reading I have trouble with these days, a sign that I am begining to start to think about getting old.

So all I need when I visit the DMV next month is to remember to SWEET-talk the clerk I guess, and hope she'll be SWEET to me.

But back to the birthday gift - wasn't that SWEET of my son and his wife?

You bet, real SWEET.

- 30 -

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