Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Of Those Days

For years I've been taking bunches of pills for bunches of assorted ailments and for years I have been having a SWEET batch of results - everything has been going well.

But today after all this time something has gone wrong and CT and CC have noticed and have taken some action to make sure things go well with me.

When CC dropped in to see me with some goodies she brought for me to snack on, she noticed a difference even to say I looked DRUNK!

Me who's never imbibed DRUNK? (Well maybe one New Year's Eve but that's another story).

Got out the blood pressure machine and it turned out I'd developed a real low pressure.. No need to worry - much anyway.

Phoned the trusty doctor and his SWEET nurse listened to symptoms and decided quickly that, even after several years of a particular blood pressure medicine, the dose now appeared too high.

An adjustment is being made effective with tomorrow morning's dose and things should straighten out soon.

But I'm too tired to think about a blog topic for tonight so let this be the blog.

Besides CT has announced he's spending the night to be sure things are OK with me and I know they will be because he's just "suggested" bedtime and it's still early. He's a SWEET son but sometimes pretty bossy.

Goodnight all.

- 30 -


  1. We will say an extra prayer for you tonigh Newsie.

  2. I'm so glad your bossy son is there tonight and that he and my SIL are always looking out for you. Do as you are told-please.