Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother Wrote . . .

Short Diary Sentences

Today was Mother's Day, May 10 this year but in 1945, Mother's Day fell on May 13.

Looking for today's blog Idea, I figured Mother's Day in 1945 would provide a good clue.

Not much of an idea there. I didn't even get mentioned on that day in the diary. I wondered why until it dawned on me that I was in England that year.

Mother's entries into her diary were short and SWEET. Things like "Snowed. Muddy day. Church today. Baked potato dinner. No mail."

Brother Paul was home and gave Mother a pretty rosary and Margery gave her a pretty pin. "Lil' Bit came down from Attleboro with a new pair of stockings for me."

How did Mother celebrate her day? I quote her writing:

"Mother's Day. Had to stay in bed all day with sore throat and a bad cold."

Her number one son, Charles, that's me, was in England this Mother's Day. While in the service, GIs could not keep up diaries and thus I have nothing to disclose what I was doing that day.

After the war and when I was back home, I DID write diaries for the years I was away but had to rely on memory, letters home and notes I had made and mailed home. At this time I cannot locate the incomplete diaries for those years.

But not all those letters were available and what may have happened to the majority of the notes I sent home is beyond me - all I know is that Mother and Lil' Bit, whom I later married, had a big house cleaning in our apartment-to-be on the third floor and who knows what went into that backyard bonfire that burned for three days.

It does appear Mother was wished a happy Mother's Day on May 22 because on that day she received 18 V-Mails from me from England and wrote she was happy.

Mother's Day DID come for Mother on May 26. She wrote "What a SWEET DAY. got two packages from England from Charles, with nice bracelets for me and Margery. What a SWEET BOY he is."

And that was Mother's D... Month in 1945.

- 30 -

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