Saturday, May 9, 2009

Check This Out . . .

. . A Post Office Story

On Monday, a couple days from now, you may be surprised at your local post office if you haven't been catching up on the news lately - by the way it's been a bit secretive.

You'll find out Monday that to mail a first class letter - what we call snail mail - will cost you forty-four cents, up two cents.

But there's good news. The post office has been very SWEET (right now) about reaching deeper in your purse or pocketbook to mail an ounce of something to someone you love.

And there's more good news. If you bought one or two rolls of "forever" stamps awhile back, you don't have to go out and buy the forty-four-cent stamps. Use a forever stamp on your next letter but there's a catch just the same. The envelope you mail can't be over one ounce.

How SWEET was the post office? Well, without telling anyone they would be doing them a favor, the post office didn't put the stamp increase into effect until May 11.

What does this mean? It says "weren't we SWEET, holding back the stamp increase until after everybody got their Mother's Day greeting cards into the mail at the old rate?" Yep, that sure is SWEETNESS.

Today I saw a couple more acts that I consider SWEET.

I saw a young lady hold open a store door downtown for a man walking with two canes. He thanked her but not in the usual way - he leaned toward her and kissed her check SWEET!

i saw two baby birds this afternoon slowly crossing the street in front of my house and in front of oncoming traffic. They did not try to fly.

A pickup truck driver halted his truck and also traffic from the opposing way and tried to rescue the birds. One scampered away quickly but the other, haltingly but determined, tried twice to fly away and then did it. SWEET!

And here's a final item for the SWEET theme: Fedex showed up about before 8 a.m. with a big box. It was addressed to Lady B and she lost no time in opening it. Inside, in a styrofoam container and packed in ice, was a huge sack of choclates and other goodies from a daughter. Yep, more SWEET(S).

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  1. Seeing Sweet things like that happen can change my whole attitude for a day.