Monday, May 18, 2009

Somebody Said Once . . .

. . . Don't Say It

I don't remember just who said it or when or even if that was the way it was said but anyway, tonight I don't seem (again) to have anything to say - so I won't say it.

That should take care of my blog for tonight.

Except that I might say the weather was a bit cool today. Laby B went to an opthamologist this afternoon and got her eyes tested and found she still can see pretty good and doesn't need new glasses, like I thought she did.

Once again she proved me wrong. She should be able to pass the eye test for her license renewal next month.

I guess I could also say I read a bunch of blogs today, even made some comments now that I've solved a little problem I've had by which the blogs wouldn't accept comments for a while - some kind of glitch I suppose that cured itself.

And I guess I could say I'm expecting Chica and Sage Words for the Memorial Day weekend. Should be a good reunion with Sage Words and a SWEET one with Chica.

Well, as I said, I haven't anything to talk about tonight so I won't take up your time reading it.

- 30 -

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