Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Yard Sale . . .

. . . Sometimes a Waste of Time

Work like a dog sorting stuff. Find tables. Check the weather. Wash a few things. Get out an extension cord so buyers can try things. Gosh, we got up early to do this. Hope we make a little money on all this stuff.

We should have just put this stuff in the dumpster. Oh, no, somebody might buy it. Remember that old saying "one man's (lady's) junk is another man's (lady's) treasure?

Oh, look, here comes our first customer. Wow, you just made a dollar and a half. Here's another one. Boy , she's taking a long time to look around. Oh, well, she's ready to cash out. A dime.

Lady B. are you sure you want to do this three days and then again next weekend? Uh, huh, OK, you're the boss. Now you want clothes hangers put up too? But I thought you just said you don't think all those clothes will sell anyway.

OK, now the rod's up for the clothes but you better hurry, the schoolteachers will be coming up the road soon and you want them to see the clothes.

Whadda mean it's time for Dr. Phil? That show lasts an hour. You don't mean you're gonna leave me out here in the sun with all this stuff, do you?
Oh, you do. And WHAT? Then Oprah comes on. No, no, no, let's close this down now and start again tomorrow. OK, you win. I won't push you. But let's close down by dark.

Oh look, here comes more people so I guess we better wait.

Now folks, this was the last day of the April contest. If I don't write again you may never know any more about the yard sale. Got a message a bit ago from NaPaBloMo that the May contest begins tomorrow and the topic is SWEET.

Now that should conjure up a lot of ideas. Get started.

- 30 -


  1. Yeah, I've been wondering how to write about SWEET also.
    I love GOING to garage sales, not GIVING them.

  2. Hope you made some $$$.

    But most importantly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    You did it! 30 blogs in 30 days. You are the only one out of 7 bloggers I know who tried this month!

    Can't wait to see what comes next now that you have opened the floodgates.

    BUT if it's going to be sweetly embarrassing, remember Scrabble and I have two brothers ripe for a little humbling! {laughs like Margaret Hamilton}

  3. Way to go Old newsie. 30 posts in 30 days congratulations.
    Now!!! Do you have any Luis La'more in that yard sale of yours, and how about a toaster???


  4. Congratulations Old Newsie!! Awesome job. Are ya gonna try for May now? I started, we'll see how it goes. Love to you and Lady B


  5. Great goin', Newsie. A lot better than I did this month...I did make it last November, but not this time.
    Maybe you should sell a TV at that yard sale, then Lady B can demonstrate it during Dr. Phil.

  6. So does this mean I can say NO I don't want to have a garage sale to Yarntangler and Sage Words?

    Rosemary Words