Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frustration Sets In . . .

. . . . . .When Nothing Works

Tonight this enthusiastic blogger sat to plug out another batch of words which might make sense to somebody and then . . . two things - - -

Writer's block and next a black screen, no power, no blue color, not even a white background.

The second takes care of the first - writer's block is gone. I can write about frustration.

Now to tackle number two problem.Clear away the clutter around the computer, check the wiring. Make sure everything is plugged in properly.

This necessitated a lot of moving (right Geezerguy?) which as usual resulted in the speakers falling from the high shelf (short wires) one landing of said writer's head.

Next - move out the tower and check all the ports to make sure everything was in correctly. All those wires were OK. Check the power switches, the wall plugs and the surge protectors. All OK and the screen just lighted up as it shoud. Fixing job is finished.

Now as long as most eqiipment is moved, the shelves are clear of clutter and the spare eqipment boxes are out of the way, why not rearrange the computer corner as long-planned to make just a bit more clutter room from unused space.

OK. Do it. OK . Did it. Move the tower back, turn on the computer (now that the screen is up and lighted) and get to work thinking of tonight's blog.

Something's gone wrong. The screen is not lighted. Nothing is showing up. No e-mail. Just like it was before I started all this activity. Took an hour and a half to do all that checking and moving.

OK, move the screen back a bit so I can get at the tower again. Check wires again. Bang fist on table in frustration.

WOW ! The screen just came to life. Now to think about a subject for a blog -FOR TOMORROW NIGHT.

- 30 -

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  1. Been there done that Old Newsie! Don't ya just love technology... NOT lol..