Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheating Just a Bit . . .

. . . 'Cause I'm a Day Late For The Challenge

Make believe today is yesterday, April Fool's Day, first day of the challenge month. Yes, I'm cheating a bit but it's the only way not to foul out on the first day of the challenge.

Here's what I said yesterday:

Well., March was supposed to go out like a lamb I think but it didn't. Wind got up to 60 or 65 miles an hour Monday and out west of the city at Buckeye, toppled a power line and snapped the high line, starting a prairie fire.

The wind was whipping around in all directions and that little old fire got whipped north, south, east and west and afore many people knowed about it, Hobbs was ringed in wildfires.

Firefighters from 21 communities in New Mexico and West Texas converged and after the wildfires had burned 13,000 acres, somebody's barn and an abandoned truck stop, the fires were out.

The Lea County Road Department got son Terry to hauling his 5,000 gallon water tanker all afternoon to spread in fields alongside the roads to create a wet firebreak Several oilfield companies did the same.

The city was saved by midnight - by the firefighters of course.

That's what my blog said yesterday the first day of the month of April, first day of the challange.

Old Newsie

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  1. We knew that.. Its all good Oldnewsie. ( as they say these days). Glad to hear that the fires are out and all is well again out there. Love to Uncle Terry and Barbara from LD and I.