Monday, April 20, 2009

Hearing Aids . . .

. . . Explain A Mis-Hearing

Today I had two doctor appointments and they solved something that took place about two months ago.

This blog should be a short one, necessary because after traveling to and from Lubbock, Texas, 240 miles total, a day which required arising at 6 am and not returning home until 6:30 pm, I am too tired to write for very long.

About two months ago I was in Lubbock for a routine series of tests on my on-going eye problems. One of the tests involved camera scanning of my eyes.

A young lady technician, expert in that particular test, mystified me continually during the test by saying "wink at me" but when I curiously questioned why, after the test, I got no answer. Maybe she thought I was getting fresh with her. I'm too old for that now.

A month after that test, I got fitted with an expensive new pair of hearing aids which greatly helped my hearing on the telephone, in church and elsewhere but not completely in noisy restaurants an in close conversation.

Follow me closely now.

Today as said I had two doctor appointments, one with the hearing aid specialists, the other with the eye specialists. Adjustments were made to the hearing aids to help the problems I was still having, including hearing close conversation.

I then went to the eye specialists for the same series of tests performed two months earlier, including the same camera eye-scanning.

The same young lady technician who did the scanning in February was assigned to repeat the scan. As it proceeded, the young lady constantly kept saying"BLINK at me." Case solved.

- 30 -


  1. Blink, Wink, whats the diff.... lol.. I'm sure you got it right both times!