Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That Sounds Like . . .

. . . . . . Somebody We Know !

Although now I have gotten out of the habit, there was a time when I was traveling on the weekend rocks and minerals show circuit, that I stopped often on my trips to visit with the editor of a small town newspaper and collect a copy as a souvenir.

I did that, probably, because even though I'd rettird from tne newspaper business, there still is some attraction to newspapers.

Well the gist of this blog is my meeting across the country with a fellow
newspaperman who had worked years before aside me back east in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Heading back to New Mexico from a California show on I-10 in Arizona, I pulled off the big road at a small town called Willcox, home of Rex Allen, a movie cowboy star, musician and singer who told stories in music, and his son Rex Allen Jr., also a musician and country western singer.

While slowly pulling my travel trailer into town, I spotted the town's weekly newspaper office. The van and trailer, well-trained in stopping for newspaper offices, quickly aimed for a parking area and halted.

I walked across the street and entered. There was an attractive lady at a counter and a small office to my left. "I'm a old newspaperman and I collect papers whereever I happen to find them," I told the woman.

Almost immediately a booming voice sounded from the little office -"That sounds like somebody we know" I heard and then a short, paunchy fellow strutted out and shook my hand.

"Hello, Greg," I managed as I looked back to the counter and said "you're Linda." It was a reunion in the making. We chatted and then, after collecting a couple copies of Greg's ARIZONA RANGE NEWS, he, Linda and I had dinner at his favorite restaurant before I continued my trip.

Greg was sports editor of the NORTH ADAMS TRANSCRIPT for a few years before going into business himself as owner and editor of THE PACKET in Adams. Eventally, after I had left the area, Greg sold his paper there and (to me) disappeared.

Awhile back I located him again via the Internet, living on Long Island, New York, and editing a Catholic newspaper there. Eventually he and Linda changed locations again - back to Adams where he now is a deacon in the combined Catholic parishes of that town.

A night ago he caught up with one of my blogs, left a comment but no new e-mail address so (to me), he's missing again. Greg, your old address doesn't work. If you read this evening's blog, send me a new address.

I stopped once again in Willcox a few years ago, before I knew Greg had gone to New York, and his office was closed. The gasoline station operator
nearby told me when I asked about Greg that he had left the area a year or so before and went back east but he didn't know where Greg had gone.

You know where I am, Greg and Linda, so when you travel back to Arizona for a visit, veer off I-10 to I- 20, then off to US 180 direct into Hobbs. Bedroom's waiting and you also can visit with Terry, who also lives in Hobbs.

- 30 -


  1. it is so great running into old friends

  2. Charlie that old address should still work ... as I do get an e-mail or two from you now and again. glafreni@hotmail.com
    I am new to this blogging thing so please be patient. I am heading back to Willcox for a brief visit next month and some sort of historical (not hysterical) honor. Willcox is soon to celebrate its centennial and they have chosen 100 residents and former residents who made a difference in the city.
    Keep up the good work. Greg