Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Rough Weather . . .

. . . Chases Away Blog Topic

I was about to compose today's blog about 3 p .m. when I noticed a sudden change in the weather, signaled by the fact that the sky was nearly pitch black.

As I rose to check it out, my police scanner let me know that a weather spotter had reported a tornado funnel west of the city and at the same time Yarntangler turned up on the telephone, her voice that is.

About the time the phone rang, there was a loud clap of thunder and also a deluge of hail to boot. Yarntangler had phoned to tell me of a directory for senior bloggers she had just discovered.

I tried to get the site on the Internet which promptly quit working, no doubt because of the storm. It is now 9 p.m. and just now this gadget has come to life again.

Haven't tried that senior site because it is now time to get a blog in the works to meet my Saturday deadline for the contest.

I was describing the weather when Yarntangler halted me by saying what I experiencing was just what she had had earlier in the day to my west in Tucson. At the same time on another phone Lady B was getting a report of snow from No. 10, her daughter in Edgewood, north of us near Albuquerque.

Between the time the storm hit and now, the police, firefighters and electric, cable and telephone utility men have had a rough few hours as the storm tore down wires,, blew over poles, started several fires atop other poles, blew out transformers and even landed a pole on the roof of a mobile home.

That damage happened all around but not in the center of the city but I was unaware of any of it except by hearing the dispatchers on the police radio.

Being so interested in hearing of what was going on, I lost my train of thought about the blog that was in my mind.

I know only that it was going to be about Charlie Grady's store where I cut my finger in a meat slicer, evidently sent a little of my skin to my future mother-in- law in her food and hamburg order and had to visit the hospital for a few stitches by Dr. Charlie.

Well, I guess those paragraphs constitute enough chatter to qualify as a blog so Happy Easter everybody and I'll type at ya'all tomorrow after dinner with son CT and his wife USWMAM.

- 30 -
Old Newsie

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