Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Prom Date, Then No Date , .. . .

. . . . . . . And Now, TWO Dates

Use your imagination. You are a high school senior anxious to be graduated - the first big event of your life. This is your dream.

You are a shy fellow, somewhat afraid of rejection by friends male and female. You are aware that you seem a little different from other teens.

Well, you are shy, afraid of rejection, and yes, a little different. You are a victim of Asperger's Syndrome, an early form of autism, which could lead to other problems as well.

The subject of tonight's blog was a high school senior here. Earlier this year, anticipating a good time at the first big event of his life, the high school senior prom. secured a date with a classmate. He was real happy.

Then, just a few days before the prom. his intended date changed her mind. Why, no one knows. The young man was devastated.

His changed attitude was noticable to classmates. Soon the reason came out, he was not going to go to the prom because he had no date.

But a surprise came quickly when two of the class's prettiest young ladies
asked him if he would go to the prom, double-dating with them both.

He was elated. He did attend the prom and his first big event of his life his dream, was realized, along with his graduation.

And then - a second surprise. This Asperger's Syndrome patient, whose disease may have been the reason for the loss of his first date, was elected Prom King.

Such an act on the part of those girls says a lot for young people growing up to adulthood - thinking of those who need compassion, and carrying out plans to give that compassion.

Hopefully, if he enters college later this year, he will encounter still more true and compassionate friends

An editorial in the local newspaper after the prom said the senior class of 2009 could well be proud for the rest of their lives that they did not just talk the talk, they walked the talk.

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  1. Isn't it great to know that young people really are still great people! These girls and that young man are our future!

  2. That was happening a lot at our school so some kid came up with a website called Prom Date Depot to help people who didn't have a prom date find one. Sometimes people who have disabilities register and have good success getting set up with someone who volunteers.