Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monday Repeated . . .

. . . But Not Quite So Bad

If I am reading the calendar correctly, today is Thursday, April 2, second challenge day.

And yes, yesterday, Wednesday, first day of April and the challenge, was a repeat of Monday, as the wind spread around wildfires again after some uncaring smoker pelted a half-done cigarette out his vehicle window on Owens Road just off U. S. 82 near Lovington. You can guess what happened. The wind was wild again.

Some of those weary firefighters trying to rest after the Monday battles were called out again. This time only a thousand acres were blackened, with no structures burned. That's all I have to say about fires right now.

This morning early, Lady B was still hacking with the flu but insisting on going down to the church with me to take care of the little ones in the nursery while their moms were attending the usual MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) session.

I insisted no, you can't go but she still insisted so I stole her car keys and went by myself. Turns out the session had a shortage of volunteers today and guess what else? Babies were coming out of the woodwork today.

Nine little ones and three workers handled the situation anyway and my chore turned pleasant as I corraled one little girl wo usually cried for two hours as her mommy was in the MOPS session.

I sat me down in a comfortable rocker with her and gently said to her as the other volunteers listened, "OK now, it's time to quit crying and go to sleep."

It was hard for all of us to believe , but in two minutes, the little tyke was fast asleep. She slept two hours in my lap. Next time I sit in that rocker with its oak ribs against my back, I must remember to use a pillow (Insert here: ow, ouch, ache, itch, cramp) to cushion my 85 year old frame.

Paron me for a minute or two while I step outside for a breath of fresh air . . .

Well, not so fresh after all - pretty smoky sky in the west again so that's probably the opening for Friday's blog.

And then a surprise - a call from Albuquerque from the Air Force man who blogs as Sage Words. "Can I come see you tomorrow night for the weekend Grandfather?"

Of course!!!

God Bless all you bloggers.

Old Newsie

- 30 -


  1. Wonderful! A weekend visitor. Please say hi to him for me.

  2. I'm sure all those Mommies were glad you ran out on Lady B. Imagine if you will all those babies coughing, hacking and crying at the same time.

    I think you meant that Sage Words was coming. dethwombat is something entirely different! LOL

    Have you taken up the challenge as well?

  3. Please give Lady B our love and hopes that she feels better soon. Sounds like your going to need her help next Sunday. ( don't forget that pillow)

    Ahhh a weekend with Oldnewsie and Lady B.... It just doesn't get any better than that. Except a weekend with Yarntangler, Geezerguy and Clancy! ( wink)