Friday, January 15, 2010

Odds And Ends . . .

. . . Can Make A Blog

When an idea for a blog just doesn't come to mind quickly, the BEST one can do is rack the old brain and write whatever useless thoughts spill out until a blog idea forms.

So here goes, A potpouri of . . . well . . .stuff!

Junk mail, of which I have written previously, consists sometimes of multitudes of offers to insure one for any reason, life, accident, hospitalization, etc.

One offer I recently read through touts a one hundred per cent coverage of visits to doctors or stays in hospitals provided you've never been seriously ill in your life, that you have no current pre-existing illness or problem, that you do not drink, drive carelessly or be of an age over 75. Um, and I'm closing in on 87.

I was having a nap this afternoon, hours between two and five being the BEST times for me and was dreaming. One dream was of blogging and then it came to mind that blog with one letter changed can produce three more words.

Start with BLOG. Then comes Clog, Flog, and Slog.

Now try BLOCK and put a word in front: City, Writer's, Long, Short, Square, Toy, Little, Big - probably more if I had time to browse Webster's

You've got the picture now. Try the game for yourself but don't challenge Scrabblebuff. If you do, she's liable to write a blog at you someday.

Dr. Phil, Mr. T, Dateline, Levittown, ESPN, Texas Longhorns, Snow and Submarine are words that came to mind. No firm blog topic yet. Well, maybe LBJ's longhorns another day.

CB radios. That brings up question - what was Yarntanglers ' CB "handle?" I forgot to mention it in last night's blog mostly because I didn't remember it.

Prescription drug prices. 'Nuff said. You all know what I would write.

There was an Irish girl living next door to her in El Paso with the handle - oops , it just slipped off my tongue. But I fondly remember Mrs. McGillicuddy up in North Adams. Her deep and slow voice was the BEST I remember ever hearing.

Murder. Oh, that brings on a blog or two but I've covered a lot of them in my news career and I don't really care about rehashing such grisly stuff.

Television playing behind me at Lady B's desk suggests a lot of things while I am typing on this side of the room but thus far no blog topic.

So let's leave it at that and say goodnight readers - hope I haven't bored you to death. 'Course if I did, you didn't read tonight's blog.

Oh, just remembered - maybe that El Paso gal was the Irish Witch !

- 30 -

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  1. You are absolutely right. That red headed neighbor of mine was the Irish Witch!

    I don't remember having a handle as I detested the CB. Geezerguy was, at that time, Pipe Dreamer. We also had Firecracker and The Christmas Kid can't remember Duckie's name then and the youngun' hadn't been thought up yet.