Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Best Laid Plans . . .

. . .Often Hit A Snag

Thieves of all kinds, men, women and children, often make elaborate plans for their misdeeds only to learn to their regret, there's been a hitch.

Just this week on Tuesday afternon in East Dallas, Texas, a woman entered a bank, handed a teller a note demanding cash and offered her handbag to collect the money.

The teller dutifully and calmly put an undetermined amount of cash, and a dye pack , into the handbag and the lady walked out of the building to her car.

Her significant other waited in their car in the parking lot with their three month old baby in the back seat. As the couple drove away, the dye pack in the handbag exploded and the getaway driver tossed everything into the street.

The two were arrested at their home within a half hour.

How did the cops get there so fast? The lady had left her identification, name and address and other stuff in her handbag - which was tossed from the car when the dye pack exploded.

It was a simple case for the police after they retrieved the handbag. They just read the lady's name and address and and went to meet her.

The baby was transported to a grandmothe and the pair to the hoosegow.

It was not long ago in Hobbs, New Mexico, that a man wandered into a convenience store, got a few candy bars and went to the counter ostensibly to pay, took a ten dollar bill from his wallet, then a gun from his pocket.

The clerk, complying with a demand for money, put most of the cash from the register into the bandit's hand and he fled.

Minutes later police had their man. He'd left his wallet, with all his ID, on the counter, and his own ten dollar bill to boot.

Police like it when the BEST laid plans of crooks have that hitch.

Also here on a night it snowed a week or so ago, another convenience store was robbed. The culprit was found quickly. In the new-fallen snow, he'd merely rounded the building and headed home, leaving a nice set of footprints to his back door.

I do not remember the name of the Colorado town where a bank was robbed a few years sgo but the case made a lot of headlines - probably comical,too!

The robber had a decidedly older car with a weak battery - probably the reason for the stickup [get a new battery or even a new car].

Trying to start his getaway car, the thief gave a clerk or security guard enough time to get a good description of the car and its plate number before the bandit roared away.

A good tip for the police of course - but wait - that's not all that went haywire. Less than a mile away, police rolled up behind the getaway car parked at the side of the road - out of gas.

No loot. No new battery. No new car. Yes, time.

Maybe errant children make plans to steal something but rather they just have bad luck when their do a shoplifting.

In a Connecticut town, two kids lifted a sack of lollipops - maybe you call them suckers - and then sat on a bench outside the store with the candy.

A friendly policeman strolled by and one kid offered him a lollipop. He took one and then asked where they got a whole sack of them, the BEST that the store owner carried.

Inside the store the officer learned the youngsters hadn't bought any sack of suckers.

They may not shoplift lollipops again, after, said the police blotter, "their folks get through with them."

And, faithful readers, that's the BEST of the crime news tonight.

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