Sunday, January 17, 2010


And Two More Words

Frustration and "Those Pictures" add up, with a little explanation, to this night's blog.

Despite the telephone help from Geerzerguy and encouragement from Yarntangler, that's what has happened tonight - complete FRUSTRATION.
The yarn last night about the Adams house, the one about Tommy with his CB radio, and a c ouple last week all would have contained pictures if I could have published hem.

Some glitch in this computer, however, despite the experts' advice, has denied uploads even after minute following of the how-tos.

Further telephone help probably will be sought if I don't figure out the hold-ups in a few days. I have many photos I would like to publish but . . .

So you'll ask" how did you get the flag picture of the 9/ll memorial story published last week? I don't know - it came up without paying attetion to how it did.

I am going to concentrate on every-day publication in this January contest and hope to solve the picture problem by February.

I can foresee an easy February, whatever the theme may be, if the picture puzzle comes to a solution.

I COULD publish one picture a day with the appropriate connection to the February theme in the caption. Now I suppose the powers to be will rack their brains to thwart me but I don't take thwarting easily.

Having been busy for two days now being frustrated, this my BEST effort at a blog tonight, an hour after my bedtime.

- 30 -

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  1. Boy, Do I know the feeling. After my hard drive crashed last Spring I thought I'd lost all my pictures. Thanks to a couple of other "experts" they were saved but I'm just now getting them loaded into the new one. there are a couple thousand pix all listed by numbers! No identifying names!