Thursday, January 7, 2010

After A Certain Age . . .

. . . Is One An Afterthought?

Last night I had a lot of fun reading one of Mother's diaries and picking out her references to pink, so after writing a blog, I continued to read more.

I found there was a lot to reminise about in Mother's green ink entries and decided that for tonight's blog I just for the fun of it would try another year.

It's 1951 this time. I wanted to know just what might have occurred on my Flag Day birthday so I opened to June 14 and began reading.

It rained torrens that day. Mother and Dad retreated to the cellar (basement) to build a little fence for one of the flower gardens.

Janie visited . Mother needed some things from the store, gave Janie a list and sent her to the Three Corners.

The result was Janie got back to the house with BEST news -"I've got a date with Copey."

"Where's the milk and stuff, Janie" Mother asked, says the diary. "Oh, gee, I'll go right back, I left the stuff on the counter."

A few more family facts and then the LAST line:

"Oh yes, it's Charlie's 28th birthday today."

On September 10 the FIRST line reads "It's Toby's birthday today, he's six years old!" (The family remembers Toby but for those who aren't family - Toby was Mother's dog. (I write this, you know, just in jest).

September was not the BEST month for Mother because at the end of the month she was in tears as she watched son Paul sail away from New York to France on his Fulbright Scholarship.

That night she switched from green ink to black.

- 30 -

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  1. I remember Toby. And of course nana's green ink!