Friday, January 29, 2010

Can Computers . . .

. . . Be Rigged ?

This little office / bedroom / TV room / computer room has a secret.


I can't prove it but I have some suspects, one who may have suggested rigging, others who did it. I can't names names until there is proof.

Anyway, l have to explain my complaint. It has to do with the game of Solitaire.

There are two computors in here. One wins big, the other either never wins or seldom does.

Last night Lady B racked up 11 wins. I didn't play last night 'cause I was busy with some moving chores. Most nights, however, I do play and lose.

Once we tied each other after hours of play which lasted long after our bedtimes. I have recorded a BEST score of I think 14. She can claim 19.

We've been challenging each other perhaps six years. I think I was a champion once.

Now the big question is, could these computers be rigged? If so, there is one guru who could do it and one person who might suggest it. However, as said, I can't make any accustions without some proof.

Both these computers are Dells but mine is a little older model than the one on Lady's B's side of the room. I hate being a loser. She loves being a winner.

That is one piece of cimcumstantial evidence. Another sispect is one who regularly checks this thing over but then I have to stop and think - . . .
there's a fellow from Arizona who sometimes tinkers with it, putting on a new program, and there's two from over in Texas, one who does the same and one who is a guru who could introduce lots of things to the computer if asked.

I'll never really know I guess 'cause if I accused anyone of a number of folks, and was wrong, well . . . maybe it's BEST that I just drop the matter and take my losses like a good loser.

- 30 -

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  1. Maybe you need to change games. try Super Farkle on Facebook lots of your first family are playing it and I'll bet there are a few in the 2nd family too.