Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A 9/11 Memorial . . .

. . . In The Southwest

It has taken sometime but the fire and police departments in Hobbs, New Mexico, have finally seen the culmination of their local memorial to the firefighters and policemen who perished in the Twin Towers tragedy of 2001.

A nice velvety lawn now joins with surrounding tree landscaping and in a continuing program to join the New York City memorial to honors for local fire and police men and women who have passed away, these honors being flagstones embedded in concrete walkways and engraved with names and dates of service.

Shown in the accompanying photo is the United States flag in the same position as the flag flying at the site in New York City.

Hundreds of people have shown up each September 11 at the Hobbs memorial to pay tribute to the thousands of New York's perished public servants as well as to the local Hobbsans.

Many who have visited the local shrine, including campers at two nearby recreational vehicle parks, have said the memorial is one of the BEST they have seen in their wanderings across the United States.

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  1. Is that at Harry McAdams park?

    Yeah Dad you did it!