Monday, January 18, 2010

EYE DROPS . . . . .

. . . Sightsaving Hope

Three times a day Lady B takes two little bottles of expensive eye drops and administers one drop from each bottle to my right eye to stave off the progress of glaucoma.

Why does she have to do that when most people merely do it themselves and go on with their chores or whatever? It's a matter of love for one thing and secondly a matter of necessity.

Because these drops are very expensive - isn't all medicine these days - I can't afford to waste any. I have a problem with the drops. I can't aim the drops from the bottle into my right eye. If a drop doesn't fall into an eyebrow, it may land in my hearing aid or on the tip of my nose.

Therefore love has taken over. Lady B gets me onto the bed - now doen't get the wrong idea - and does the aiming of the bottle, thus gaining me another day of sight I'm sure. But she does it three times a day, so that's three days of hope for my eyes, RIGHT?

Now here's a funny story that just popped up as I wrote about an eyedrop going into my hearing aid.

About two seeks ago on the weekend I could not find my right ear aid. We searched the house at least twice. Pulled our bed apart to see if accidentally I lost it in the sheets while reading.

Seached the van and the new car, searched all my trousers, searched all the wastebaskets, went up to North Hobbs and searched in the house we've been fixing up and even through the yard where it could have slipped from my ear.

After all these exhaustive searches and one particularly heavy work day, we slipped into our jacuzzi to soothe our sore backs. I was so tired I fell asleep for nearly three hours. Have a habit of doing that .

When I woke and started to get out of the hot tub, I felt something odd in the water under one of the jets, reached down to see what it was and guess what?

I'd found after many a day of lop-sided hearing a thoroughly soaked and dead hearing aid. I hoped I could revive it.

It's been about a week now of trying to dry it out and trying to hear through it but gradually it is coming back to life. I could not bear the thought of another $1,500 for a new one, or even a sawbuck to fix this one, if that little!

Moral: Take out hearing aids before climbing into jacuzzi. Drawback: If Lady B has anything important things to relate to me, I never hear them. Solution: Pending.

All that wordage and I didn't once get in the theme word BEST tonight !

- 30 -

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