Sunday, January 3, 2010


. . . Is Easily Available

On a cold winter evening, it's always nice to sit in a warm room and enjoy a good book, be it big or small, long or brief, true or fiction and meant for either old or young.

I sometimes find a book I can still read - STILL meaning when my tired eyes are sharp for a while or the print is big enough to comfortably see.

It's quite difficult to declare what is BEST of the books I can read or at least try to read.

Instead of choosing a single book for this essay, I have THREE to recommend, although only one will interest most persons because it is a history of one small New England city 370 years old.

I'll put that history book first in the category of BEST because I think, for history buffs, genealogists, nostalgia-ists and geographers it is one they will want to read.

Published in 2008, at about 600 pages by the son of a personal friend, this BEST tome is "A History of Taunton Massachusetts" by Dr. William F. Hanna.

Because of a relationship issue I suppose I could be accused of bias but another BEST goes to a much briefer tale based in Texas after the Civil War.

This BEST , written by Marcie Hoye Cumberland who just happens to be Yarntangler, this blogger's daughter, is "The Tree At The Top Of The Hill."

And then there's a New York Times bestseller recommended to me just before Christmas by blogger friend Chris, who said she read the whole 292 pages in two evenings when she couldn't put the book down until she fell asleep while reading.

That BEST goes to " STILL ALICE" by Lisa Genova, published in 2007. It is a fictional novel based on the author's research into the field of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. This is a book that is very scary, very informative and very eye-tearing as well as just plain interesting.

There you have my likes in books at this point. Somewhere along the line in this blogging venue there is a restriction on advertising in one's blog.

Therefore if you are interested in any of the above BEST books, the alternative to advertsing here is to get to the site on your computer where you do a search and type in the name of the book. ( Or just click on their titles above.)

Start off your reading year with one or more of the BEST.

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  1. I'm looking for a copy of Still Alice for a bit later on when I have gotten to the bottom of my TBR pile.

  2. Thank you for the mention of “Still Alice.” It’s definitely worth reading.