Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women And Food . . .

. . . Do TIE Together

Perhaps it is a strange topic that I pursue tonight but I think those two things, women and food, do TIE themselves together in a way.

I am in the process of downsizing a garage full of boxes of printouts of e-mail messages now years old. I printed and saved them for some purpose.
I am trying to figure out that purpose.

It may have been for a book idea, maybe for historical and/or genealogical purposes, or to pass along later to others studying history or for their hobby collections, or even for story-telling!

In any case, as I said in a 2001 e-mail to somebody, (and have been repeating yearly ever since) I am downsizing all this paper in storage. I imagine I may repeat that statement again in 2020.

But back to food and women and how those subjects TIE together. This blog starts with a piece of paper saved from 2001 outlining what Yarntangler was doing in her spare time, BMH.

She wrote in an e-mail that she had laboriously listed from an atlas, using pen, pencil and schoolbook-lined paper, the identity of every town in the United States with a food-related name.

The list is somewhere in her archives, awaiting a planned use that yet has not come to fruition. Mustard for instance was one of the towns in her collection, and another was strawberry. Perhaps she meant to find Bread and make a sandwich of bread, mustard and strawberry jelly.

The other part of this blog's title, women, came about in another started but unfinished list of towns of the country with women's names. Making that list probably would have consumed lots of time as well.

She would start off, no doubt, with Ann and go through the alphabet to Zenna. Then I surmise, she would accomplish her TIE of the two subjects. as she puts Ann to work on fixing a Grape jelly sandwich for Geerzerguy to take to work in Eunice if he didn't get too hungry en route and devour it in Ruth.

Well, it's about half past seven here tonight. We had three inches of snow this morning but I didn't have to plow or shovel any and it's all gone tonight, after a bit of melting weather this afternoon.

I guess I've worked up my" TIE" for this evening's challenge. I 'spect I'll be with you again Friday night.

PS- BMH = before motor home

- 30 -

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  1. Believe it or not I recently found the same lists you are talking about. It was actually complied in my pre-computer and google days using two US atlases. The copies I found are written in pencil from my original research! I had begun putting them together into word puzzles, with the idea of selling them to magazines.

    Never sold them at the time (due to a severe lack of submitting) but I've been thinking about it again.