Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well, It Happened . . .

A Two-Way TIE

Came the end of January, I had a decision to make, NaBloPoMo again for February or give in to all those folks trying to convince me to do Facebook.

I made the decision and went with the February theme of TIES but tonight, with a personal visit from a Facebok devotee, I have, I guess, been literally forced into the Facebook age.

A two-way tie between Facebook and NaBloPoMo.

So I will have to TIE the two together somehow and make the best of it. Already, however, there appears to be a problem - I may spend too much time de-cyphering instructions on Facebook and answering queries or requests to be friends and thus miss the midnight deadline.

Anyway, I've just canceled out Facebook for tonight in order to get into this blog and now, dear friends, we pause while I find tonight's topic.

End of pause. Let's see how this idea develops.

The Saints of New Orleans and the Colts of Indianapolis tossed around, kicked and ran the football for a couple of hours in the Superbowl in Miami and nearly before the half time show, the teams came within one point of a TIE at 17-16 with the Colts leading.

However, during the halftime, the Lord evidently breathed new life into his Saints and they managed to build the score to 31.

Meanwhile our house guests, CT and his lady whom I haven't TIED a moniker to as yet, managed a TIE by downing equal amounts of soda and coffee before heading out into the fog to drive home to North Hobbs

- 30 -

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