Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Many Words . . .

. . . Come From TIE?

This will be an experiment, perhaps very brief, but it's an idea, drawing from common sense and then from a dictionary and a few other book sources.

Take this month's theme word TIE and turn the word into as many OTHER words as possible.

Here goes and this may turn into a short blog.


It - rather obvious

Ti - a Polynesian plant

Ie - what a teacher or storyteller might say in illustrating a point; also a legal term

Ite - suffix for numerous words

Ei - part of the Old McDonald farm song

That's all my brain comes up with. Now it's your turn in the comment box down below.

The dictionary and other book sources didn't help!

Told ya'll this would be a short blog!

Go ahead now, show me up.

- 30 -


  1. You need a longer word. Good job with three letters, though.

  2. Think you got them all even though a couple are not actually words!

  3. ClassyBrassy BroadMon Feb 15, 05:32:00 PM MST

    Don't forget I.