Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can't Leave Behind . . .

Places Once Lived

Some folks easily forget forever the places they once lived in, the birthplace, the first work place, later residences when married or exploring as a possible new place to live.

But there are others who never forget places where they are TIED to in one way or another. I am one of those folks and to boot, probably have some memento packed away in a box somewhere to remind me of the place once a residence or visited.

In nearly 87 years, where have I lived to which I have TIES I have been wondering these last few days? Mentally thinking about the places I have lived, worked in, or visited brings up a lot of memories.

The first of course is where I was born, up there in New England, a 370 year old city, Taunton, Masachusetts . Next came Thatcham, England, during World War II and then back to Taunton.

Then in succession I've lived in Morrisville and Levittown, Pennsylvania, North Adams, Massachusetts, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Seminole, Texas and finally right here in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Where do I have TIES? Quite naturally, the birthplace, holds a number one TIE because I still have a few relatives there and a lot of memories of childhood days.

I am well TIED to our 10 year residence in Levittown where the kids did a lot of their growing up and next to our 17 years up there in Adams where they all finished out their high school days and two daughters married.

Workwise, I still feel a little TIED to friends I worked with in newspapers in all of the mentioned places, some of whom I still hear from on occasion, and the friends I made in those places, church folks, business men and women, the restaurant owners and the politicians, etc.

I am so TIED to a couple of the places I worked that for years after leaving I subscribed to those newspapers and now follow them on the Internet, particularly the birthplace newspaper so I can see by reading the obituaries whom I have out-lived thus far.

And now I feel lovingly TIED to a lovely wife, Lady B , to my children, grandchildren and their spouses iving afar from me a. to a son and his wife, my neighbors here in Hobbs, and lastly, probably the last location of my life, Hobbs, since I've already paid for the cemetery plot next to my deceased loved wife, Gramma Shasta.

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  1. Family ties are the strongest no matter where we live or have lived.