Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scup and Tony . . .

Were Both Pugilists

Back a long number of years ago I read of a ring battle between two
heavyweights, one of whom was named Tony Hoye. This fight resulted in a knockout and a title for Tony.

In more recent times and in my hometown of Taunton, another fighter emerged and won, if my memory is correct, several titles. He was "Scup" Hoye.

I am sure Lady Nanaland, now in Oklahoma, knew more of him that I do because I'd moved from New England when he was active.

The thought had occurred to me, as an amateur genealogist, whether I someday could TIE Scup in Taunton and Tony in London together and thus fill in a bit more of the family genealogy.

During the past 35 or 40 years of family tracing, I have had a lot of fun filling in our history but I have run out of both sources and ambition to do more and hope someone else in the family plans on carrying on with as many TIES as can be found .

Much of the fun I've had was in browsing through numerous cemeteries in Canada, checking headstones to find members of my deceased wife's ancestral family. Imagine an Irishman trying to decipher the French inscriptions - it took patience and a book of French spellings.

Checking the records and searching cemeteries has become important for a huge chunk of the United States population. Have fun doing it and one day future generations will thank you for the knowledge you pass down that will TIE them to the past.

And maybe you'll find the link that will TIE Scup and Tony together for the Hoye family!

- 30 -

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