Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Two-Brother TIE

. . . Brings Joy to Both

About five-thirty this afternoon as we arrived back in Hobbs following a trip to the Lubbock International Airport. a TIE came about when CT of Hobbs and DP of Saratoga, California met again for the first time in quite a few years.

DP and CT are our sons. DP arrived at the airport just at the moment we drove into the termial, his Southwest Airlines jet passing over our Toyota Matrix low enough to drop him off on the car's roof.

Yes - Toyota Matrix. And yes, it WAS one of those affected by the recall. And yes, we've had it fixed already. Thanks for your concern.

As I waited for him at the baggage area on the right, he came in and got his baggage from the turntable at the left, went out to the curb, found Lady B and her car, loaded his luggage and then came back in to find me.

En route back to Lubbock, a nearly two hour trip, we had great conversation except Lady B was the only one hearing anything
DP had to say.

Seems like hearing aid trouble has a definite liking for me. You will recall I lost one from my right ear in the jacuzzi where it cooked in hot water five days or so.

That one was the one which controls the volume in the left ear so it was obvious I had a problem.

Then after finding it and drying it, it spasmodically worked until I lost the one from my left ear.

This second loss was not a catastrophe but an annoyance, since the right ear aid gave some hearing. The left ear aid got tangler in the maze of computer, printer, scanner and lighting wiring in the back of the computer desk.

Found it three days later after most of the house was moved about in a search. Then I found both aids did not any longer work together so to the factory they went for a re- do, fortunately at no cost because the warranty is still in effect.

So to have some kind of hearing I resurrected one of the older set I had and it worked - until we got to the airport today.

It failed and no amount of anguish would make it work and me hear. So for me in a psassenger seat, we had a fine, quiet ride to Hobbs.

Minutes ago I found among an old assortment of batteries one to fit this old left ear aid and now I can hear again and I am in the computer room with no one talking to me, both being intigued by the olympics on tv.

But back to the TIE. After a few moments, both sons expressed the need for relaxation and a nap and parted, planning to get together again later in the week after CT gets in his long days with the road department.

But there is some good news today - I sold that house we've been working on so long. We've got two brothers TIED up today and a house sale TIED up to boot.

More about the boys later probably and more about the house as well. I'm too tired to TIE myself into any more wordage tonight. Good night and sleep tight.

PS - wasn't it a nice TIE job I did last night on Susan B. Anthony and yours truly, completly forgetting the word TIE altogeher?

- 30 -

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  1. Whup Whup!! Thank God, that house is finally sold!!! Welcome Den!