Friday, February 19, 2010

"Down" Internet". . .

. . . Breaks February Streak

I tried hard yesterday, Thursday, to keep up my TIE blog streak but alas, the service that sends this out to you failed - an outage they call it.

Visiting son DP called repair service and from somewhere in Georgia , after lots of qestions and answers, was told the company would send a DSL man late Friday [today] to my house with some new equipment because testing showed I might have an internal problem as well as a possible area outage.

So much for last night's blog and a TIE badge for the month. Oh, well . . .

But while enjoying a pancake breakfast early this morning that DSL man showed up with boxes of equipmemt, some wire and his trusty line tester.

After working at least an hour or so, during which I graciously served him coffee, [didn'nt want a plate of pancakes] he felt he had found an interior problem, a missing line filter probably, as well as rather low speed in the DSL system serving my house and declared all's well.

Besides much testing he installed a new modem which includes a router and declared we were now wireless, which translates into wi-fi I understand.

Well, skip that "understand" since I really don't understand much about this whole system except some of the things I need to know to use it.

Thank goodness I took the precaution a few years back of buying into the phone company's whole house wiring program for a not too bad monthly charge; it covers repairs like this.

So OK, got to work on checking e-mail, newspapers and current news and then a blog and guess what? No Internet again. With the help of visiting son DP, we checked every connection and possible other problem and finally had to call the provider again.

This time we got a very apologetic young lady on the line announcing that the company was working diligently to repair a widespread outage and that it was guaranteed to be fixed by 2:30 am Saturday and we would be notified by phone.

Uh - 2:30 a. m. ? DP, when you hear the phone ring, you get it, OK?

We got a welcome surprise late this afternoon, however, when we tried to fire up the Internet just on a hunch and dawgone, it worked. Now I am trying to get a blog done early enough to get it out by midnight with something in wordage that might be a TIE.

Why don't I leave it right there since I've already got the word TIE in there three times and in the headline also - and for that matter, in this sentence too?

- 30 -

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  1. Looks like you should be forgiven the one miss Dad ,since the system had you all tied up in knots.

    BTW how clever of you to import one of the best geeks in the family to solve your problems for a couple of weeks. Why don't you talk him into sending for HIS Lady B and simply put him on a retainer?