Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tidbits of Interest

It's hard to believe but this weeek in my community where nearly a dozen wildfires have consumed thousands of acres and a least one house, a babe in his mother's arms alerted her to a fire creeping up on their home.
Mama and her two sons were playing peek-a-boo when the baby stopped and just kept gazing out a window and making a funny face. Mama looked and saw flames coming through a field about 40 feet from the house.
Quickly firefighters were called and in short order controlled and then extinguished the fire but not before it burned a nearby abandoned house and a vehicle. Nobody got hurt.
I've just discovered, with Nurse Kori's assistance the way to publish my musings on this blog but there's one more glitch to solve - adding to a saved draft and making corrections before the page disappears. Just bare with me folks, I'm working on it this very minute and maybe I've got it.
There have been many items of tragedy turning up in the recent spate of tornados in Alabama and Missouri but one with good news caught my eye this weekend.
A young dog in Tuscaloosa took refuge in the corner of a barn when the howling wind invaded his usually peaceful territory. But to his dismay the canine went with the barn when the fury blew it to bits and carried the debris and the dog for miles.
The dog flew to who knows where before landing. His owners, after much searching, gave up and resigned themselves to the knowledge their pet had been killed.
But wait! Three weeks went by and suddenly the dog's owners, visiting the ruins of what was left of their home, found on the morning of May 20, their beloved pet sprawled on the front porch.
The canine was half dead looking, fur torn away and his two rear legs broken. From "who knows where" the pet had laborously crawled for three weeks on those broken legs to the place he called home. He's recovering with tender care.
Browsing the Internet a few nights ago I ran across a post by someone who sounded familiar although no name was given. I posted a note since there was an address of sorts.
Soon from Florida came a reply, from a man with whom I had previously corresponded but had forgotten because of the six months my blog had been on hold because of a wreck in another state at Christmastime.
While I was happy to hear again from him, I was made unhappy to learn from his post that two ex-news people I had worked with in Massachusetts had passed away from cancer. This news solved a question in my mind "why hasn't Glenn answered my questions I sent last week."
My mind, fingers and new computer have had enough workout for tonight but I'll be back again soon.
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