Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pinky and the Bobcat Chase

You've read about our little Chihuahua, Pinky, in the past (but not recently because we've been incapacitated sincc last November) so it's time to bring ya'll up to date on the doing of that litle gal.
During the past few months we've been holed up at the foot of Thunder Mountain in Arizona, an area frequented by javelinas, mourning doves, quail, bobcats and others.
And of course ya'll know little dogs have to go outside the house on occasion to relieve themselves.
Came this one night Pinky asked to go out and as she did she met a huge (for her) black animal outside the front door.
She barked and the animal began to run and so did Pinky, chasing that huge thing from the yead into a neighbor's yad and then down the adjacent street.
A few days later the animal, which by then we'd determined was a bobcat, turned up again, this time in daylight, as Pinky wen out for her daily pee and poop.
The two came face to face under a nearby tree and stared at each other. As if to say "I don't want to tangle with this little gal again, the bobcat turned and ambled away into the neighbor's yard again.
Days later the local newspaper's photogapher pictured the bobcat a few blocks away. We figured the animal had to detour in a long semi-circle to reach tha area from where Pinky had accosted it.
As previously mentioned Pinky, like other dogs, has now and then to get out to relieve herself. But saying to her "let's go out" will not budge her some of the time.
Now back home in New Mexico she has adopted a phrase which early in the morning she likes, answering and acting quickly when I say to her "let's go get the paper."
Many a morn here it is very windy and after getting the paper and doing her chores, Pinky beats me back to the bedroom, jumps onto the bed and wakes Lady B in the process of burrowing under the warm bed covers.
There are mornings, too, when she knows the wind is howling and balks at a trip to get the paper, causing me to carry her. As I set her down on the ground and order her to do her chores, Pinky turns her head upward to stare at me as if asking " you expect me to stay out here in this wind?"
Pinky is a fussy eater, a trait probably caused by her former owner. She came to us after her owner's demise. Lady C always fed Pinky hot cooked meals!
It has taken years to break that habit and finally we've found one or two brands of canned dog food she will eat - when she is hungry enough. She now also likes vanilla cookies, potato chips and an ocasional dish of pasta.
I can publish this blog as I get back into the writing business after my six months hiatus.
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