Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chores Piled Up

The "to do" agenda grows daily with little things that were overshadowed by major chores but they are getting done one by one.
Our big helpers, Barbara and Terry, spent lots of time working at our house while we were in Arizona, forced to remain there by a Christmastime auto wreck until Laby B's many injuries were healing.
When we'd finally got back to Hobbs we found the place spick and span- floors cleaned and polished, carpets cleaned, the potties sanitized, clothes washed and ironed, the larder well stocked with fresh food and the refrigerators and freezers loaded to the hilt.
It was Easter weekend when we finally arrived home, chauffeured by Charlie and Jeanie, who also contributed more stuff to the larder, followed by Mary and Jeff wwith more goodies which, all added to the larder filling by Barbara and Terry, provided enough for weeks to come.
By surprise a new computer was installed by Terry, updating one several years old and which I am gradually re-learning but I have glitches yet to iron out.
Bare with me.
- 30 -

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