Monday, June 21, 2010

Something Unexpected

Flag Respect

Just in time for Flag Day a week ago, I got up a second flagpole on our corner property.

For several years the United States flag has flown in front of the house but I felt it would be nice to have one flying at the side of the house, actually on a very busy street. The other flag flies on a side street.

So on Flag Day, my new flag unfurled in the breeze for all who passed to see. It flew five days until something unusual happened, an event which I felt was an expression of patriotism.

As I stood at the kitchen window I saw a young man with a backpack sauntering down the street. I thought at first he was a student going to the junior high down the road but then realized school is out for the Summer.

As the man saw the flag he doffed his ball cap and momentarily held it at his chest. He did not see me in the window. In that brief moment I felt a tear forming at the man's brief action - one I took as a salute to the flag.

This passerby did not appear old enough to have already been in the service but in thinking later about his salute and telling of it to Lady B, it came to our minds this young man was . . . .

Possibly remembering a father who may have been a serviceman, or a bigger brother who at this moment is a fighting soldier somewhere beyond our country's shores.

But wait - this young man may just be saluting his country's flag because he respects his country and its flag. I like to think his gesture was for any one - or all - of those reasons. As a veteran his action made me feel proud of his support.

- 30 -

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  1. How terrific was that! Dad, I'm so glad you glanced out the window at that moment. These days it's not always easy to find a young person who gets what our flag truly stands for.
    I'm happy you put it up and gave yourself that birthday moment.