Saturday, June 19, 2010



A tenant in one of our former rental properties, now an Easterner, popped in on our e-mail page a couple days ago and noted she'd been following Old Newsie's blog but hadn't seen an entry for a while.

Sure enough, I found it's been since early April that I last wrote. You can blame this on a number of things: a bit of laziness; a lack of time due to doctor visits; traveling here and there; eye trouble again; busy helping a son fixing a few things; computer problems; and honey-dos.

That former tenant, once a professor of English at one of our local colleges, moved over to Georgia and then to Tennessee and in the process of preparing for a doctorate, apparently got just too tangled in studies that she dropped out of the blog and e-mail circuit as well - for a few years!

We'll be welcoming her back in this area this Summer perhaps as she visits old friends and does some sight-seeing.

That said, now we'll try to get back into the blogging act again, depending on how much we find to chat about. Today, it's been a day of good news -
the temperature cooled down to 100 degrees after about 10 days in which the thermometer, in the shade on the patio, got up as high as 111 degrees.

So what's the latest news? Old Newsie and Lady B, despite failing eyes at reading the little print on the motor vehicle department's eye-testing machine, DID get licenses renewed for another year.

An optimistic note: For years the MVD renewed my handicapped parking permit a year at a time. This year as I became 87, the MVD made it official - I MUST LIVE at least another FOUR years because this time, the permit is a four-year privilege.

Classy Broad, my younger daughter up in Washington state returned a couple days ago from Walter Reed Army Hospital after this year's testing of her new kidney.

She needs a few prayers for correction of a low blood flow to that kidney and for a good report on a biopsy taken for a possible melanoma outbreak.

Appleman, my California son, has taken up a new residence in San Jose after a spell in Saratoga.

Yarntangler, who is Workcamping in Kanab, Utah, is busy with her husband Geezerguy, and traveling friend, Chris, transforming a bit of red dirt desert into a lush green garden, complete with all sort of junque picked up at yard sales and planted for the next campers who'll occupy their spots.

Back here in Lea County, my other son whom I'll call Highwayman, is busy spending his days with the county road department, in this hundred degree weather, chip- sealing some of the rural roads - and do you know how HOT chipsealing with boiling tar can be? Better he than me!

Well, that's enough yakking for a blog comeback for now; maybe I'll be back another day soon.

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