Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milk Jug Ice

While washing the dishes the other morning I noticed an expired gallon milk jug among the soiled dishes, filled with water.

For some reason my intelligence went out the window about that time after asking Lady B what was the jug of water for and learning she was going to make ice for a Fourth of July batch of ice cream.

"Why not just use ice cubes from our freezer?" I inquired getting the answer "I'm going to freeze the gallon bottle for the ice cream freezer and have all the ice I need."

"Well, how will you get the ice out of the jug through that little neck?" was the next thing out of my mouth.

The minute I uttered that, I knew I'd blown the conversation sky high as I got "the stare" over the top of Lady B's glasses.

After a few seconds she calmy informed me "I'm going to use that razor blade and cut off the top of the jug and make a square of ice."

I guess I'd better not try to expand this blog - it sounds stupid enough as it is.

- 30 -

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