Saturday, January 17, 2009

It Only Took Two Years . . .

. . . to start having FUN.

Blog is a word that wasn't a word in 1923 when I was born or even in 1973 when I was 50. About this time back in 2007 still had never heard of the word until my number one daughter enlightened me

She told me a blog is FUN. She doesn't know how much FUN she had gotten me into.

I am going to try to have FUN starting right now but really the FUN began two years ago.

First, I did a bloody blog under another title and promptly filed it somewhere in this computer, never to be found again. I wrote to my dear daughter about it.

"Dear Daughter - When I phoned you, you told me to look into your blog to answer the questions I had. I clicked on your blog and it came right up -IN SPANISH. Now how did that happen?

"I phoned you again and you laughed and laughed at me, laughed so hard you choked because you already had a bad cold and a sore throat."

"I didn't get any solutions from you so I just fooled around, clicking here and there and finally on "refresh" and that did it - up came RAMBLINGS -oh no !- in Japanese! I have nothing against that language except that those squiggly lines and dingbats didn't make any sense to me.

"I hit refresh again and lo the squiggly things turned into letters - in Portuguese. Frantically I tried again and traveled through Korean, French and a few other unkown (to me) languages until I finally spotted some flags. Didn't find a US flag but did hit on the British emblem and up came RAMBLINGS in English."

Daughter number one kept on laughing; probably still is laughing.

I followed all the blogger instructions and created a new one under a new title. Then all I had to do was put it into a place I would find it the next day or so. Guess what? Lost that one too! I've decided to try again now- two years later - and I THINK that real soon I will be a blogger.


  1. This ought to be good! Warning to my brothers and sister and Lady B. He said we are all fair game!

    Congratulations Old Newsie, glad to have you join the ranks!

  2. I didn't realize you were multi-lingual. I'd suggest posting at least the first few in English, though, so we can all read them. Welcome to the club, and happy blogging.

  3. Hi there, my newsie compatriot. . .this should be fun . . .well, if you manage to find where you put it on your computer :-)

    hugs from a much warmer Bay's 30º here at the moment...makes a change from the 8 below of yesterday at this time. . .and I won't even complain about the snow :-)

  4. Welcome to the Interwebs, Newsie! It's nice to have a stream of lucidity (no matter how small!) in this barren desert of Generation "Y" instant gratification and electronic self-aggrandizement!

    I have always been enthralled by your stories and it's nice to know they will soon begin to be immortalized on this endless sea of digital permanence!

    I look forward to your posts!!

    -Sage Words