Thursday, December 31, 2009


Please Treat Us All Well

So now it's 2010! I've only got 13 more years to wait for my 100th birthday bash!

I have two BEST daughters. One of them has signed up to write a blog for NaBloPoMo every day in January and has told me about it, daring me without saying so, to do the same.

I was not inclined to commit myself to that but I can't let that one of the BEST outdo me so I'm going to give it a stab - even if I do get stabbed in the back before January closes down.

This past year was not exactly one of the BEST of my life since , like Geezerguy of another blog , I had another heart problem last May that required an expensive helicopter ride to a hospital 120 miles from home and subsequent insertion of a Pacemaker.

In mid=Summer a left hand pain was determined to be a tunnel problem, which I had (hopefully) fixed wth two injections of steroids.

And then there's my eyes, failing but stabilized at the moment, and in the last month the threat again of facial melanoma for which a biopsy was made just yesterday with results to be known next week.

But the BEST news is I'm still alive and kicking and nearly ready to get back to work of that ole house I've blogged about.

And there's another BEST news too. Lady B and I traded in our aging van on a new vehicle, a 2009 Toyota Matrix, the BEST buy we could find to suit our future travel needs.

And among the rest of the BEST news found on the last day of 2009, is that all of our relatives are in fairly good health starting off their new year.

So, everybody, HAPPY NEW YEAR and the BEST to you all the year.

- 30 -

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  1. Okay Daddy! You rock!

    Now 2009 it tweren't so fine but in 2010 we'll try it again! And let's endeavor to make it the BEST year yet.