Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heard Of A Glass Eye? . . .

. . . Now How About a Glass Knee?

Just read a blog by one of Lady B's granddaughters. She wriites "Heart of a Mom" every once in a while and it'usually something humorous. This one is about "little things"" and it is somewhat based on a familiar poem by an unknown writer.

Let's start with the poem called "House Rules"

If you drop it, pick it up. If you sleep on it, make it up. If you wear it, hang it up. If you spill it, wipe it up. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you open it, close it.It it rings, answer it. If it whilnes, feed it. If it cries, love it.

Seems like Mom slpped on a cold puddle of water, which occurred earlier when someone dropped an ice cube which melted. She was carrying a load of hot dishes just out of the dishwasher and she slipped on her tush.

A dish shatered as she hit the floor. Glass imbedded itself in her leg and knee. She got the shards of glass out, wiped up the mess and forgot about it.

That was six weeks ago. Last weekend her knee began to hurt and looked infected. She went to her doctor.

Mom's blog from here on is so funny that I cannot get it all into the few paragraphs available in m this blog.

SO - for the rest of the story type in to read the rest of this hilarious yarn and make a friend at the same time.

Birth of "The Bay Stater"

It has been suggested to me that if some members of the American Amateur Press Association should happen upon this blog they might be interested in knowing how my little magazine got its start back in the late 1930s.

I need to find the first issue to find the date it first appeared. The paper was a three by five issue on yellow paper and was printed on a small Kelsey press of the same size. But finding that first issue may be a chore and you will have to be patient.

You see, stuff that dates back to the 1930s is stored in my barn . Finding stuff in my barn is the chore. Ask Scrabblebuff or Yarntangler or Lady B for their take on this matter. On second thought, don't do that.

Births usually take place about nine months after the - eh - thought - but this birth will probably not be premature. Stand by for developments.

By the way, if anybody reading this blog has an interest in writing or printing, go to the words American Amateur Press Association on the right side of my blog and under the AAPA seal, click and read about the organization. I'll be glad to sponsor you as a member or trial member.

The History Book

Several years ago a prominent historian back home, William F. Hanna, began researching the history of Taunton, Massachusetts, taking about ten years to finish his work and bring up to date a tome published about a hundred years ago.

I eagarly awaited the publication. The book finally hit the presses two summers ago. I bought it and waited months for its arrival.

It, "A History of Taunton Massachusetts" and the sudden onset of eye trouble reached my address nearly simultaneously.

My "reading" eyesight diminished rapidly and the print in the new history book grew smaller daily. I managed, after purchasing and trying a number of devices to assist me, to reach 171 pages of this 636 page volume before I quit trying to digest it.

Today Lady B has been doing some "straightenng up" in the house. She came across the book.

Without saying anything she placed it on my desk.

I took that as a hint that now that my sight has slightly improved through excellent treatment from Texas Retina Associates, in particular Dr. Michel Shami, I should try again.

There is a bookmark on page 172. Could it be an omen, telling me that God is waiting to get me through that book? The bookmark is headed "Amazing Grace, " showing the musical score and the words of this beloved hymn.

I need to stop now and give the book a try once more.

- 30 -


  1. I can empathize with having to wait to read something you so want to finish.

    That AAPA is really an interesting organization. I checked it out.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed my ramblings. Thanks for sharing. I am working on trying to change the color to black instead of blue (not my knee, but the font on my page). Love you all!