Monday, August 24, 2009

Goo Gone Again

But, Oh, My Face

A few years ago a suspicious lump on the left side of my face was deemed by Dr. John something that Dr. Jon the dermatologist, should take a gander at and when he did, he sliced open a couple of inches of cheek and took out a mass of goo he called melanoma.

I was too young at the time, 69 or 70 I think, to realize that the goo was a deadly form of cancer. About 15 years ago I had another lump on the same side and I decided to have it investigated, along with a black spot on my left wrist under my thumb.

The cheek was opened up again and twice as much goo, melanoma, was removed. On the hand, Dr. Brent, dug out what he called squamous cell carcinoma. Dr. Jon had left town after that first operation.

So last Friday, because I had found a sudden growing lump on the right side of my aging face, Dr Brent cut out more goo that he called squamous cell carcinoma. After a half hour of lab testing, he came back and said it was a very aggressive and deep cancer and dug out another batch.

All gone now, he told me as he stitched me up and his nurses put a heavy and sticky bandage on me. Now Lady B. has removed the bandage and re-dressed the scar. I looked in a mirror and wow - I found that Dr. Brent had sliced down along by my ear for three and a half inches. It's a wonder my ear is still there.

Now I know many others have had similar operations to get rid of these skin cancers and what happened to me isn't that unusual but, heck, I had to have my moment in the limelight, hence the blog.

Now that left hand is bothering me again. Dr. Brent says there's no cancer there so Dr. John, my friendly physician since 1980, had me today undergoing a bone scan, X-ray exams and a conductivity test, to determine if I have maybe a carpel tunnel problem. Today's results can produce a whole new blog soon no doubt. That will probably be a Friday night topic.


What I thought was going to be an ongoing saga up there in Washington state, a batch of bees in the wall of Scrabblebuff's upstairs rest room, has fizzled.

Leolady has informed me that the buzzing bees in the wall turned out to be a batch of hornets which an exterminator has killed using a powerful insecticide sprayed into the wall through drilled holes.

Any returning hornets entering the nest in the next few days , the exterminator says, should die off quickly as they reach the insect goo left in the wall.

That goo also killed what had been a promising story.


Clancy, the Gourmet Wiener Dog, and author of the blog POSTCARDS FROM CLANCY , was rescued a few years ago by Yarntangler and Geezer Guy here in Hobbs, just as she (the dog) was about to be euthanized. She will feel pretty sad to learn the place where her humanoids found her has closed down.

The country's economy is to blame. This volunteer society, a "no kill" place where dogs and cats and a few other types of pets were housed until somebody adopted them, has lost most all of its funding, both voluntary and the $26,000 United Way supplied in prior years, because there just isn't the money to go around anymore.

One hundred twenty six animals were transferred to a newly-built city pound where adoption is being stressed but the facility is not a guaranteed "no kill" haven. Some of the animals went to temporary "foster" homes but that arrangement is as said "temporary."

What to do with growing animal populations - unwanted populations -
is a problem facing not only this community but cities and town and villages all over the country. Yes - what to do?

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  1. Good thoughts for healing - and a wish that those goo things on your body don't return again.

    You've written some good stories today (tonight?). I love your blog.

  2. Here's a big Gooey Hug and Kiss to make the hurts go away!