Sunday, July 5, 2009

Call Now! - You Must Call Now!

Call Immediately - The Number's On The Bottom Of Your Screen - Call This Number This Minute -

You Must Call Right Now -Have Your Credit Card Ready - If You Call Within Five Minutes We Will Include Another For Half Price! - But Wait! - That's Not All! -

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Oh, By The Way, You Only Have A Small Window Of Time So You Must Call RIGHT NOW! Call This Number NOW!

Dear Readers - The other night I was watching a pretty good movie on TV, a murder trial, and just as the climax of the trial came, as the jury began to render its verdict, "we the jury find the defendant . . ."

Just as that climax was being uttered, as the word "defendant" was mentioned, a loud and blatant commercial broke in with a pitch for some product I can't even remember (because I was so mad). I was livid, vowing I'd never buy THAT product if my life depended on it.

Was the defendant guilty? Maybe I'll find out someday if TV ever re-runs that movie and if I can remember the movie's title.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, that gripe is off my chest. It will probably happen again. It has happened so often I just had to make a blog out of it. So there you are.

Now calm down Old Newsie and think of something pleasant to write about. OK, let's think a bit . . .

It's the Independence Day weekend. The folks all around the city have been shooting off fireworks for three days and nights, having picnics, playing games and so on.

I hope during this weekend they have been reflecting on how good it is they are FREE to do all this, thanks to the thousands and thousands of men and women who have died providing them this freedom.

I hope that they have taken a little time to pray for those men and women who are STILL fighting somewhere in the world to keep that freedom alive.

And on another front I silently thank God for providing the skills to a team of doctors and nurses in Tucson who successfully performed open heart surgery and a three-way heart bypass on son-in-law Geezerguy two weeks ago today.

And while I am at it, I thank God for his guidance to doctors who a month ago put that Pacemaker in my chest, and for those who put Pacemakers in the chests of Dan and Margaret, Bennie Jean. Stuart and others in past years who have been similarly helped. We're getting to be members of a vast club, aren't we?

It's been two weeks since I've blogged, most of the time because I've been too lazy, tired also, to run this keyboard. I promise to do better - but don't depend on it.

= 30 -


  1. Amen, Newsie. I'm just getting back myself, so I understand abut being tired. Take care.

  2. Ironically, the pitchman who told you to call right now, passed away that week. He knows the endings of all the shows now.

    I don't have any fancy doodads in my chest like the members of your club but I'm just getting ready to blog again too...maybe...we'll see.

  3. Yarntangler ~ that pitchman's voice was beginning to get to me. . .I'm sorry that he passed, but. . . .and Newsie, I hear you ! I would have been spittin' nails. . . LOL


  4. PS ~ My Aunt Lois, Uncle Milts widow, is now on her 5th pacemaker. . .she turned 97 on Memorial Day (May 30) and is still living alone in the homestead on King Street in Raynham. She goes out to the Senior Center at least once a week, sometimes more. . God Bless her.